MYPOS Helpdesk & Systems Support includes:

  • Helpdesk and systems support, 24/7 (global).

  • MYPOS IBM Cloud monitoring, 24/7 (global).

  • Systems management for day to day use of MYPOS (data and configuration for employees, products and promotions).

  • Helpdesk assistance with user problems that occur during normal MYPOS operations.

  • Helpdesk assistance with problems that occur with MYPOS integrations.

  • Helpdesk guidance with procedural and MYPOS system capability questions.

  • Resolution or explanation of MYPOS generated error messages.

  • MYPOS version enhancements and updates.

  • Basic report modifications.

  • Basic systems development.

  • Operating system security patches, fixes and configuration-specific updates.

  • Simple systems maintenance (annual on-site).

  • System security audits and assessments.


MYPOS Helpdesk & Systems Support does not include:

  • Complex re-configuration of MYPOS.

  • Complex report modifications.

  • Complex systems development.

  • Installation of new / additional modules, systems and functionality.

  • MYPOS systems training.

  • Hardware repairs.

  • On site call outs.

  • Operating system upgrades.

  • Complex systems maintenance.

  • Network support.

  • Changes to Third Party API calls

Questions or queries?  Please e-mail the Helpdesk team who will point you in the right direction.

MYPOS Helpdesk & Systems Support (DY5N)

7th December 2018, v.2019.1


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